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Wood volume calculation using taper models

The quantity, quality and location of wood in a forest are the elements required to optimize the forest value chain. In terms of quantity and quality, the tree taper (stem form) is useful for maximizing the value of primary wood processing. Using taper data collected from the Canadian ENFOR program and some Canadian provinces, the national taper models were produced. The inputs to these models are tree species and DBH with or without height. This online calculator makes it possible to calculate wood volume at a diameter limit or a height level of a tree for most commercial tree species in Canada. The value of 0.1 m is used for stump height.

The models, analysis methodology, and error terms are presented in the following scientific paper:

Wood volume calculation

cm (at 1.3 m)


* The volume calculation is performed from the tree stump at 0.1m (if not specified otherwise) to the provided limit in height (m) or in diameter (cm)

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