Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of pruning


This decision support tool, developed in collaboration with the Direction de la recherche forestière of the ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune du Québec, estimates the net present cost of pruning, which is expressed in relation to the small-end diameter of pruned logs and age at final harvest. This cost represents the minimum price at which pruned logs from a stand should be sold in order to recoup the cost of pruning. The minimum price thus estimated depends on the values assigned to the various parameters. The tool works as an Excel file and is easy to use.

Although the calculation tool is designed primarily for even-aged softwood stands, it could also be used for the pruning of hardwood species, but not for pruning carried out to shape trees or to deal with pest problems.

Download the decision support tool (in MS Excel format, 66 kb)

For more information on the decision support tool: Does pruning softwoods pay off?

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